INOVATIV Wheel to Yeager Cart Adapter

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Are you tired of struggling with the clunky wheels on your Yeager cart while your colleagues glide effortlessly on their INOVATIV carts? Now, with Birds Eye Tech's new INOVATIV wheel to Yeager Cart adapters, you too can enjoy the smooth, effortless ride that INOVATIV carts are famous for!

Crafted from lightweight and durable 6061-T6 aluminum, these adapters are specially designed to fit any Yeager Classic with the quick-release wheels and any of the Yeager Pro carts with both the directly mounted wheels or the quick-release wheel plates. You can finally say goodbye to the awkward, bumpy ride and hello to smooth sailing on your Yeager cart.

We know you're eager to upgrade your cart, so we're offering a pre-order with a 3-6 week delivery window. And if you change your mind before your order ships, just let us know, and we'll provide a full refund - no questions asked.

Don't miss this chance to transform your Yeager cart into a sleek, high-performance machine with the INOVATIV wheel to Yeager Cart adapters. Order now and join the ranks of satisfied customers who can't imagine working without them.

We will have adapters for other carts coming soon including the Backstage TR-04. If you have another cart that isn't listed please shoot us a message and we can talk about getting something made.

***Please note the images are prototype versions. The final versions will be anodized black.***

***WHEELS ARE NOT INCLUDED! This is only for the adapters!***

Link to the wheels that these adapters are used with: 10" INOVATIV Wheel Kit
If INOVATIV is out of stock, please check out B&H or Adorama and purchase from them. They can be quicker on shipping.

***WHEELS ARE NOT INCLUDED! This is only for the adapters!***